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Minimum Qualifications: Bachelors degree. One year of professional administrative experience is required.

Job Description: This is advanced administrative work in performing, planning and coordinating various administrative activities in a central administrative division or special program or in performing specialized staff work of comparable responsibility in a county department or agency.  Employees in this class are responsible for performing diversified administrative duties or specializing in assigned administrative work of a more complex nature.  Duties or combinations of duties performed vary, depending on the department to which assigned.  Some employees in the class are assigned to assist an administrative division head in a major operating department, performing a variety of administrative duties including budget preparation, purchasing, accounting maintenance and expenditure controls and related administrative work.  Other incumbents carry out administrative activities of a varied nature as the administrative official in a small operating department.  Supervision is exercised over clerical and technical employees who assist in various phases of administrative operations.  In some programs incumbents specialize in complex work such as the conduct of detailed programs under contract to the county.  Responsibilities typically include analyzing administrative problems and recommending solutions, developing revised procedure and policy recommendations for the department, and maintaining contact with management and supervisory personnel within or outside the agency.  General supervision is received from an administrative superior who reviews work for conformity with established administrative and departmental policies and attainment of desired objectives through conferences and review of reports of operations.

Illustrative Tasks: Assists an administrative division head in carrying out various administrative activities; reviews and controls procurement processes by maintaining relationships with county central purchasing, reviewing purchase requisitions, assuring availability of funds for expenditures, and writing specifications for capital equipment.  Discusses changes in budget formats with county budget officials; provides departmental officials with budget histories and pertinent information on forecasts; conducts training sessions for divisional personnel and consults on budget development and review; reviews divisional budgets and develops and complete required narratives; combines information into the departmental budget document.  Periodically analyzes budget status by monitoring monthly expenditure reports; prepares and processes transactions, periodic adjustments and transfers; supervises maintenance of inventory controls.  Supervises departmental fiscal activities; approves payments for invoices for completed work by assuring compliance with contract terms, laws, rules, and regulations; approves journal entries and adjustments prepared by subordinates; explains variations in expense projections to superiors; supervises accounts established for reimbursement from state and federal sources.  Supervises personnel activities including employment, personnel records and payroll; serves as appointing authority as delegated.  Reviews and approves reimbursements of expenditures by county affiliated projects by verifying expenses and proper documentation, availability of funds and compliance with contract provisions; prepares reports and projections of costs related to services provided and associated expenditures.  Prepares oral and written program evaluation reports and other sources of supplemental information in order to ensure that departmental and professional program standards have been adhered to in a departmental activity or a program under contract; identifies problem areas, determines trends, evaluates performance, presents findings and recommends solutions or alternatives.  Coordinates grant projects ensuring that programs and procedures are consistent with federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations; prepares justifications for grant proposals and modifications; develops grant objectives based on analysis of existing and potential problems or needs, design of work programs, and development of budgets, detailing the equipment, services and personnel needed to carry out projects.  Makes recommendations regarding hiring, discipline, and promotion of subordinates; authorizes leave and overtime; reviews employee performance reports prepared by subordinates; rates employee performance.  Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Abilities & Skills: Considerable knowledge of the principles of general management, public, and business administration and their application to governmental administration.  Considerable knowledge of research techniques and the sources and availability of current information applicable to the area of assignment.  Considerable knowledge of policies and procedures used in budget preparation, monitoring, and reporting.  Considerable knowledge of applicable federal, state, and county laws relating to departmental operations.  Considerable knowledge of departmental legal, administrative, and procedural regulations.  Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of modern office administration.  Considerable knowledge of federal, state, and county laws, rules, and regulations relating to financial records of county departments and agencies funded by grants.  Knowledge of basic accounting principles, practices, and procedures and their application to governmental computerized accounting systems.  Knowledge of the use of data processing and cost accounting systems.  Knowledge of inventory control and county procurement procedures.  Knowledge of the principles, practices, and procedures of public personnel administration.  Knowledge of supervisory principles and practices.  Ability to analyze a variety of administrative problems and make sound recommendations as to their solution.  Ability to supervise a staff of subordinate employees in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.  Ability to exercise judgment and discretion in devising, installing, and interpreting departmental rules, regulations and procedures.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, supervisors, departmental officials, officials of other agencies, and the general public.  Ability to express ideas clearly, concisely,  verbally, and in writing.  Ability to analyze expenditures in relation to established budgets and furnish detailed information to management and supervisory personnel.  Ability to evaluate operating programs in relation to established goals and objectives and recommend courses of action.  Ability to supervise and prepare a variety of required reports accurately and completely and on a timely basis.

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