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Minimum Qualifications: Bachelors degree in Education, Personnel Management, Business Administration, Public Administration, or related field. One year of professional experience in developing and facilitating training programs is required.

Job Description: This is advanced professional work with some administrative responsibility in the development, administration and evaluation of diversified   in-service training programs in a county department.  Employees in this class are responsible for planning, implementing, supervising and evaluating varied training programs in a county department.  Responsibilities include consulting with supervisors to determine their training needs and priorities, evaluating on-going programs, recommending additional training activities to supervisors and management, planning development of new or revision of existing programs, and maintaining contact with various community educational resources and programs, as well as centralized county training activities.  Emphasis of the work is on the mental needs.  Some employees in the class may be assigned to the planning and supervision of federally funded programs designed for specific training purposes.  Supervision is exercised over clerical support personnel and training specialists who assist in preparation and implementation of varied training programs.  Supervision is received from an administration or professional superior who reviews program activities for timely progress and quality of results in meeting management goals and objectives for training.

Illustrative Tasks: Consults with management and supervisors to determine current training needs and relative priorities; specifies additional training needs observed in contacts within the department; advises on methods and programs to meet new training objectives.  Plans new training courses or revisions in existing courses within the department; supervises the compilation of materials including course outlines, lesson plans, and training aids; researches, edits and develops training materials for use in specific programs.  Participates in selected in-service training by conducting formal sessions or seminars; assists the supervisory staff in training methods and techniques in the conduct of sessions; advises supervisors in the systematic planning and conduct of on-the-job training.  Confers with officials in centralized county training activities to coordinate or change scheduling of employees in courses given on a county-wide basis; requests assistance in design of departmental training courses, or stimulation of employee interest in county-wide training or academic training programs.  Advises supervisors and employees on career development and the availability of training courses in community educational programs; keeps informed on local college curricula in relation to department organizational and functional needs so as to better advise employees and supervisors. Evaluates training programs in progress or upon completion to determine effectiveness of training efforts in relation to departmental needs; discusses evaluation findings with the supervisory staff and management and confers on the best approach to improvements in training where needed; completes narrative and statistical reports of training accomplished and under way, including comprehensive evaluation of completed training.  Supervises the maintenance of resource library materials, training aids and equipment; orders training materials; supervises the scheduling of departmental personnel in training programs and the maintenance of related records.  Keeps informed on current bibliographic and other published information in various training fields.  Makes recommendations regarding hiring of subordinates; counsels with subordinates on work-related problems; evaluates and rates employee performance.  Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Abilities & Skills: Considerable knowledge of general adult educational theories and principles.  Considerable knowledge of local educational resources and sources of available information useful in planning of departmental training programs.  Considerable knowledge of departmental organization and operations in relation to requirements for effective training.  Considerable knowledge of the planning and conduct of training programs in diversified fields.  Knowledge of content and scheduling of centralized training programs.  Knowledge of county personnel rules, regulations and procedures.  Knowledge of supervisory principles, techniques and procedures.  Ability to plan and implement various departmental training programs.  Ability to exercise good judgment and professional knowledge in the selection of training programs and techniques designed to meet specific training needs.  Ability to present classroom instruction and conduct seminars and discussion sessions effectively so as to achieve training objectives.  Ability to keep informed on local education resources, available published training information and local college curricula.  Ability to evaluate training accomplished and recommend alternative approaches to achieve training objectives. Ability to give comprehensive advice to employees and supervisors concerning educational requirements and training for career progression, job performance improvement and fulfillment of departmental training needs.  Ability to maintain effective relationships with management, supervisors, employees and various officials outside the department.  Ability to prepare complete and comprehensive narrative and statistical training reports.  Ability to communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively both orally and in writing.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelors degree in Education, Personnel Management, Business Administration, Public Administration, or related field. One year of professional experience in developing and facilitating training programs is required.

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