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Minimum Qualifications: Doctorate degree in Psychology from an approved APA program. Completion of a one-year internship and possession of a State of Florida Psychologist license are required.

Job Description: This is professional psychology work in performance of clinical psychology services in a county mental health, youth services or clinic facility.  A Clinical Psychologist 1 is responsible for performing psychological assessment and evaluation of adult and/or child clients, using psychodiagnostic tests and other professional techniques not requiring medical licensure.  Related professional responsibilities include provision of individual psychotherapy, as assigned, and participation in training of psychology interns.  Emphasis of the work is on assessment and evaluation of personality characteristics and dynamics in contributing to the understanding of client problems and development of treatment plans.  Incumbents must apply considerable knowledge of clinical psychology principles, theories, methods and techniques, and a substantial degree of professional judgment in selection and administration of psychodiagnostic techniques used in assessment, in arriving at conclusions drawn from evaluations and in providing therapy.  Work is performed with considerable independence of action.  Supervision is received from a professional superior who evaluates professional results through written reports and conferences on patient diagnosis and treatment.

Illustrative Tasks: Performs diagnostic evaluation of children in a child guidance clinic, youth evaluation and counseling unit or other youth facilities; administers intelligence and personality tests; evaluates examination findings; conducts individual psychotherapy with emotionally disturbed children and/or their parents; conducts treatment interviews with family groups; prepares case summaries and presents evaluations at case conferences; participates in various research activities by collecting, tabulating and interpreting data.  Selects techniques to be used in psychological assessment of assigned adult or child clients in a mental health institute or forensic unit; conducts assessment interviews and observes patient needs; evaluates information to determine further techniques to be used in psychodiagnostic appraisal; administers independently any type of psychological test to resident or outpatient clients in order to assess personality characteristics and dynamics  including various personality and behavior characteristic tests.  Scores, evaluates and interprets projective tests in intensive assessment of personality structure and disturbances such as psychotic, psychoneurotic and personality disorders of child clients in a youth facility or mental health institute; completes oral or written reports of findings and interprets related psychological data.  Performs individual therapy by conducting intensive therapeutic interviews as part of a client treatment plan medically directed.  Participates in periodic rounds and staff conferences conducted for teaching and diagnostic purposes; interviews patient families to explain test results or therapy; participates in research projects.  Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Abilities & Skills: Considerable knowledge of psychological principles, theories, and methods in the field of clinical psychology.  Considerable knowledge of psychodiagnostic tests and their use in assessment and evaluation of personality characteristics and disturbances.  Considerable knowledge of psychodiagnostic treatment techniques used in individual and group psychotherapy.  Considerable knowledge of current literature in clinical psychology, including the functional areas of testing and therapy.  Ability to interpret psychological information and to formulate professionally mature diagnostic and treatment recommendations.  Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with the medical staff, clients, and professional associates.  Ability to participate effectively in team discussions of patient diagnosis and treatment plans.  Ability to administer and interpret a variety of psychological tests.  Ability to administer treatment techniques used in individual and group therapy.

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